This is what its all about!

Activites that offer challenge, excitement 
and  adventure combined with the  knowledge you pick up from experience

Cadet life is about learning through practical experience, especially in the great outdoors! Here’s a taster of what’s in store

Flying & Gliding

Get Airborne

Flying is central to our purpose and your cadet experience.

You will be given opportunities to go flying at 7 Air Experience Flight (AEF) located at RAF Cranwell where you can fly the Grob Tutor and are taught the basics of powered flight. Once you have a handle on the basics you can move onto more advanced concepts such as aerobatics if you wish to.

As with powered flying you are also given the opportunities for Glider Training, even allowing you to fly solo and to become a qualified glider pilot. Our local schools are 644 VGS at RAF Syerston & 611 VGS at RAF Honnington

Camps also offer you the chance to go into various military aircraft with some of our cadets recently getting a flight in a Chinook helicopter

Adventurous Training

Where team 
effort really matters.

We offer a wide range of adventurous activities to get stuck into, so if climbing isn’t for you perhaps canoeing is. Everything you do is supervised by qualified trainers who will ensure you get the most out of it. Between local activities and visits to camps, you will have the chance to experience kayaking, hill walking, camping, caving, mountain biking, offshore sailing and winter sports to name just a few.


Tactical skills that rely on teamwork and leadership.

Fieldcraft comprises the skills of living in the field, blending into the scenery and performing tactical manoeuvres.

Just like Adventure Training, fieldcraft develops team working skills as it requires you to work as together as a unit, often in complete silence.

You will learn how to effectively camouflage and conceal yourself, move without being seen, communicate with your team without speaking and practice your skills using blank rounds and pyros.


Work hard and play hard together

Feeling competitive? You can take part in seven main sports at different levels – athletics, cross country, football, rugby, hockey, netball and swimming. Whatever you do it’ll help improve your physical fitness levels and your team skills. If you’re good enough at your favourite sport we’ll notice, and can help you take it to the next level. There are frequent tournaments between squadrons, where the best players are selected to represent the wing. The same then happens for the region, with wings competing against each other and the best players making up the regional team. If you make it through each of those selections then you’re good. Really good. You’ll be at the top of your game and will have a shot at representing the entire cadet corps, nationally and even internationally.

Training & Education

Take away real qualifications that will set you apart from the crowd

For starters there’s the Duke of Edinburgh Award that employers everywhere recognise as a great achievement. You can take on the challenge as part of your adventurous training, working your way up through the levels all the way to Gold – something to be really proud of.

Leadership training, where you can really prove your worth as leader – a skill that will build your confidence and your ability to deal with different kinds of people. If you can handle it you could get to the Junior Leaders course – it’s gruelling but what you get out of it will be invaluable to you for the rest of your life.

BTECs are always popular and a widely recognised qualification – more than 4,000 cadets have registered for the First Diploma in Public Services and over 6,000 have signed up for the First Diploma in Aviation Studies. There’s also the increasingly popular First Diploma in Performing Arts (Music) for budding musicians.

First Aid is another essential skill you can pick up – train in this important area and you may be awarded a certificate from St Johns Ambulance. If those skills were called upon you could make all the difference in a life or death situation.

City & Guilds – cadets can also benefit from certain vocational qualifications in management, as can our volunteers.